* Bookkeeping - We don't do books just to file taxes. We believe that this data has a more valuable purpose than to do tax compliance only. We analyze data and help you take informed decisions. You may be using Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, Zoho Books, Sage or even Excel, we specialize in all type of book-keeping software.

* Accounting / Tax-Filing - We file federal and state taxes in the US and give a comprehensive advice in order to help you decide where you can save money

* Budgeting & Forecasting - Your future holds both the unseen threats and opportunities. It's better to control the risks today before they materialize, and capitalize on the opportunities. Our realistic forecasting helps you be prepared for future.

* Audit / Due Diligence - Are you buying a new business and not sure of the financial precision? Or you want to audit the accounts of your current business? We perform detailed audits to ascertain the accuracy of financial data.

* Business Valuation - Selling or buying a business? We perform realistic valuations based on DCF, EBITDA multiple and industry comparatives

* Investment Analysis Are you planning in a stock-exchange listed company or a private business? We thoroughly analyze your current and target investments to mitigate your risks. We are thoroughly experienced in the real estate, ecommerce and IT sectors.